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This product, derived from refined cornstarch, is a new type of sugar source through introduced Japanese enzyme technology and advanced process. It is an advanced substitute for sugar. It possesses multiplicative stimulatives of Bifidobacillus, which can promote salutary fungus to flourish in intestine. Bifidobacillus are main salutary germs that can restrain pernicious germs substances from producing, avoid constipation, increase immunization ability and reduce blood fat and cholesterol, etc. It’s mainly used in drinks, dairy products, confectionery products and torrefied foods.

Physical Technologic
Item Unit Target
IMO500 IMO900
Moisture % 5.0max 5.0max
pH Value --- 4.0-6.0 4.0-6.0
Solubility % 95.0min 95min
IMO % 50.0min 90min
Ash % 0.3max 0.3max
IG2 +P+IG3 % 35min 45min
As ppm 0.5max 0.5max
Pb ppm 0.5max 0.5max
Total Bacteria /g 1500max 1500max
Coliform /100g 30max 30max
Pathogen Negative Negative Negative
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