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NON-DAIRY CREAMER FOR ACIDIC BEVERAGE   Product Description: When traditional Non-dairy Creamers dissolved in acidic drink under PH4-5, the stability is not good because oil and protein will be separated out. It greatly limits the application of creamer in acidic beverages and acidic food. Our product is produced by special technics and formulas, which can completely solve the problem of solubility in acidic beverages and has a good stability under PH3.8-5.0.   Features: Good solubility and stability in acidic beverages under PH 3.8-5.0; Improve ice drink products structure, mouthfeel soft and delicate; Whiten the ice drink products and increase milk flavor more firmness.   Packing:
25 kg net weight per craft paper bag with poly bag liner inner.
Store in dry & sheltered warehouse with good ventilation away from strong odors and direct sunlight.
  Shelf Life:
24 months in original and unopened packaging.
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